H E R I T A G E   H A N D C R A F T E D

T E X T I L E S   O F   I N D I A


Established in 1969, Raisons has since, continued its legacy of purity and elegance.
Almost four decades ago, Raisons started out as a brand dealing in all types of high quality
fabrics right from men's suiting to ladies dress materials, laces, etc. In the early 90's,
it had established itself as a name synonymous with the best cotton prints in the market. 

Over the years, the brand has delved deeper into handcrafted textiles,
experimenting with rich weaves from all over India and bringing the rich history of these
crafts closer to people.

Today, after years of experience and dedicated love for the crafts, Raisons is nothing less
than being the masters of textile. It continuously endeavours to find the best weavers,
artisans & craftsmen from all over the country and strives to fuse contemporary ideas
with traditions.

The collections in the House of Raisons, re-interpret age-old weaves,
adorned with our signature of innovation and love. All the textiles, echo a special story
of their creation, that have been skilfully crafted, through the art of hand...